Bristol Lifestyle Recovery (BLR)

The current project for Fairview is Bristol Lifestyle Recovery.  Bristol Lifestyle Recovery delivers a solution to the addiction crisis in our community.  Leveraging over a 19-year experience Fairview Housing Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit delivers long-term affordable recovery programs that are faith-based with over twice the success rate (over 87.6%) than the national average according to HUD standards.  

 BLR plans to open soon!
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Visit the website for Bristol Lifestyle Recovery

Future populations we will serve:

  • post-detox addicts
  • people under the supervision of the court system
  • veterans
  • pregnant women with NAS babies
  • the homeless
  • those aging out of the Foster Care system
  • those seeking faith-based solutions
  • men, women and indirectly children and their family (also see Appalachian Family Housing tab for information regarding families)