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Formerly a twelve-room boarding house in Johnson City, Tennessee, The Manna House has been converted into 24 rooms of safe and affordable transitional housing for homeless men focused on improving their current situation and therein their life. All of the residents were chronically homeless, according to HUD’s definition, and generally have addiction, legal problems and mental health issues.  A high level of accountability and security exists at The Manna House. During their two-year program, residents attend twelve-step meetings (e.g., N.A., A.A., Al-Anon, S.A.A.), and there is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs. The focus here at The Manna House is to provide a refuge from the storm. The recovery work done here is the responsibility of the individual member – counseling, and the commitment to the ideals conveyed in the mission statement are the responsibility of the agency.The members learn self-sufficiency and responsibility through their requirement to pay their share of operating costs and by making decisions concerning the daily running of the house and the program.  Members attend weekly meetings where they address each member’s needs and concerns, as well as house operational issues.

The Manna House venture grew from the need for safe and supportive housing in the Johnson City area.  Manna House partners with dozens of community agencies to provide supportive services that most members are unable to obtain on their own. 

Steve Baldwin, Johnson City’s Community Development Director is quoted as stating: "Fairview Housing is the City of Johnson City’s oldest provider of transitional housing for the at-risk population having provided housing through the Manna House for more than ten years. The facility has an excellent regional and state-wide reputation among transitional housing agencies that provide funding and is the primary provider of transitional housing for the homeless veterans here in Johnson City. They are a certified transitional facility for veterans who have been released from treatment and emergency housing from the local Mountain Home Veterans Administration in Johnson City".

A Continuum of Care Grant released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides funds for the program that is operated at The Manna House.